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Welcome to The Marc & Owen Show Wiki

The Marc and Owen Show is a weekly radio show that is broadcast every Thursday night from 9-11pm on Shine 102.4 FM in Banbridge and live on, Northern Ireland. Hosted by Marc Savage and Owen Carvill, the show features movie news, weird stories, musical features and general chat. Along with guests and regular prizes, the show is a great way to spend a couple of hours as you get ready for the impending weekend...Edit

How to contact and interact with Marc & OwenEdit

We've been doing the show now for a few months and it's really starting to take off... but there's other ways to enjoy us than just au
M&o page

You can participate with the show as it happens (or any time, as our page is always manned by one of the team) on Facebook:!/pages/Marc-Owen-on-Shine/132975970059462?ref=ts

Or you can email us on:

During the show, Call the studio on 028 4062 3790 or text us on 079 2528 9820

You'll also find us on Twitter:

and Bebo:

Now you can check out our pics from the shows, our live shows and, well, stuff that tickles us on Flickr:

And we are on Skype now. Just search for: themarcandowenshow

About the show... and beyondEdit

The Marc and Owen Show has been going for a while now and, as with everything, it has been evolving and changing
I'm marc

'I'm Marc...


Now it has found its feet and has become a fun, informative and very interactive show, that tends to not take itself TOO seriously.

Each show features a variety of music from Frank Sinatra and the Beatles, to Pantera and Guns N' Roses. Not too much is taboo, our main aim it to provide a wide range of enjoyable music... usually largely picked by our audience requests.

A new feature of the show is Laura's Lyrical Lessons, written each week by Laura Nagle, this segment is a brief run through the history of bands like Therapy and Depeche Mode. Charting their highs and lows and highlighting music from the start, middle and end of their career.

Also every week there is the chance to win a free pair of cinema passes to see a movie of your choice at Movie House Cinemas.

There is always the chance that a guest will pop up too... keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on special guests, competitions
100 0317

... and I'm Owen.'

, etc.

Also, keep an eye on our Facebook page for Movie, Book and Film reviews... these will be fun and honest reviews of new and classic entertainment. We don't believe there's any point in lying about them :-)

As with any radio show our primary aim is to produce something that everyone feels they can get involved in.

This is primarily why we have set up so many ways to get in contact with us.

We always want to hear from the listener. Be it dedications or requests, news or birthdays. Hey, we even enjoy compliments and (the odd) scolding.

So we certainly encourage everyone to get in touch by email, Facebook, text, Twitter or phone during the show.

We build a better show when we know what exactly the listener wants.

Over the next while we hope to improve and increase the amount of prizes we give away on the show.

As it is, our weekly cinema ticket giveaway is kindly provided by Teri Kelly and Moviehouse Cinemas; you can find them here:
Mark casey

Mark Casey

We are in talks with WH Smith at the minute too regarding book reviews and give-aways, so watch this space. Also we are proud to have our show in association with Newry Omniplex.

If anyone has anything they would like to flag on the show: businesses or talents, then get in touch with us and we'll see what we we can do.

As off yesterday (28th Sept, 2010) we have a new music correspondent on the show. Mark Casey will be publishing regular reports on gigs/venues all over the place and hopefully we'll be able to keep you up to date on what's hot and what's not on the music scene. Marc's first review of Tim Robbins' gig in the Limlight can be found on our Facebook page. Good times. Welcome aboard Mark:!/profile.php?id=659585921&ref=ts

Our show, proudly in association with Newry OmniplexEdit

Our show is now proudly hosted every week in association with Newry Omniplex.

Newry Omniplex

Housed in The Quays Shopping Centre in Newry, Omniplex has nine state-of-the-art screens and is THE place to catch everything from the latest Blockbusters to the smallest indie movies, not to mention the big digital 3D releases.

As part of our association we will have weekly cinema ticket giveaways for our listeners, kindly given to us by Omniplex manager Mr Peter O'Hare.

We are proud to be part of the Omniplex family.

For all the latest times and information on the movies playing in Newry, go here:

Laura's Lyrical LessonsEdit

Laura Nagel has been kind enough to contribute to the show every week with her musical knowledge... and it is greatly appreciated and, although still in its infancy, it has become a surefire hit.

INVASION III featuring The Marc and Owen ShowEdit

W5 again welcomes the return of the Emerald Garrison (Knights of the Empire), the Ireland & UK Star Wars costuming club, to kick-star
Invasion show complete2

Our show poster for Invasion III

t six weeks of a stunning display of fan-built props, with this special opening weekend of over 50 costumed characters. With a legion of Storm Troopers as well as Darth Vader, Tuscan Raiders, Jedi Knights, Bounty Hunters, Clonetroopers and even Wookies battling it out for your attention you will be spoilt for choice as to where to point your camera.

The club members have recreated amazing life size movie props and exhibition pieces, including a Scout Walker (AT-ST) and Y-Wing Fighter. As well as these large scale props we’ll be displaying other fan-built props including character busts, helmets, and weapons. This display is open for six weeks and is free with admission to W5.

Boba Fett actor, Jeremy Bulloch, is in attendance once again this year and will be available to sign autographs as well as answer your questions in a live Lecture Theatre Q&A session.

Also in attendence will be Richard LaParmentier, Admiral Motti in A New Hope.

We have been lucky enough to be invited to cover the event.. by interviewing guest, troopers AND the actors. Very exciting times and hopefully the start of something big for The Marc & Owen Show...

May the Force be with you. Always.

The Marc & Owen YouTube ChannelEdit

We now have a great YouTube Channel where we plan on posting shows, guests' videos and pretty much anything that is relevant to the show or
Marc and owen youtube copy

Our YouTube logo

that we generally find funny/interesting. Stay tuned... you never know what may pop up on there.

We have now added a few short videos of us in the studio.. nothing too radical just yet, we're still shy, lol.

We have also added a couple of videos taken on a troop with The Emerald Garrison last September at the Ulster American Folk Park, which was very surreal indeed.

On there too is a couple of videos from last year's Star Wars in Concert at the O2 in Dublin. A stunning show that we can't wait to see again when they tour next.

We are always adding playlists too so you can see what we like and feel free to check out our suggestions and subscriptions. From music videos to Star Wars, video games to celebrity blunders.. there's something for everyone.

The page has started to kick off with video from Tim Robbins' gig on Monday 27th Sept 2010. We got some footage of the man onstage and signing sutographs after.

Next week there'll be footage on there fro Star Wars invasion too... so keep watching the Tube. Excitement, adventure... we crave these things!

Find it here:

Yes, indeedEdit

With the a
41603 129196447118973 2299 n

hee hee

cknowledgement that Marc tends to say 'yes indeed' quite a bit - an accusation that Marc denies quite a bit. Yes, indeed he does - a fanpage has been set up on Facebook here:!/pages/Yes-Indeed/129196447118973?ref=ts

This has been embraced by the show and has become a kind of unofficial, official page... so feel free to join up, and join in.

Rumours that Yes, indeed has now become a drinking game are greatly exaggerated. We think...

Quotes about the showEdit

'Who?' - Ian Dempsey
Let it be

The Beatles. Let it Be. Classic

'I can't get the damn streaming to work!' - Jonny Fitzpatrick

'Sorry love, I fell asleep.' - Marc's wife, Jacqueline

'I don't like any of the music and don't understand most of the stuff they talk about!' - Owen's mum

'I can't believe how attractive Marc is in real life!' - Kelly Brook

'The Beatles are the best band in the world, ever! And thankfully they play loads of them!' - Owen's wife, Fran

'I live too far away to listen on the wireless.' - Marc's mum

'Didn't you both used to be on Clanrye FM?' - Robbie Roberts

'You both have definately got a face for radio.' - Simon Cowell

Evil monkey!

'You are the best thing about Shine FM. In the same way Mustard Gas was the best thing about the war.' - Christian

'I like it, though apparently the boys want us to have monkey knife fight!' - Legend Gerry

'You're fired!' - Sir Alan Sugar

'Remember, the Force will be with you... always.' - Old Ben

'Da-da?' - Marc's baby girl

'Keep doin' what you're doin', I for one find it refeshing.' - Ruth Elkin

'Can I start a (Facebook) thread..."I listen to Marc + Owen whilst..." I so wanna know what people during these two hours of absolute bliss!' 'You really don't want to know what i get up to...' - Nikki Fox & Legend Gerry

Friends of the showEdit

Jane Allen, a textstyle artist from Banbridge has been a guest on the show, talking about her work and the Craft Month in August in Banbridge, Jane is a lovely girl and a talented artist. You can find her here:

Flu. Written by Wayne Simmons

Wayne Simmons is the Belfast-born author of 'Drop Dead Gorgeous' and 'Flu'. He will be on the show this Thursday (26th August) to keep us company and talk about his books and upcoming projects. This guy is one to watch. Find him here:

The T-Shirts myself and Owen are wearing in the pics above were printed by T-Shirt World in Portrush... and rather lovely they are. You can contact them at:

All the artwork for the show has been created by me, Marc Savage. I do a variety of graphic design work and can be contacted at or find me on Facebook here:!/pages/Preciousarteffects/123764704318904

Movie tickets provided by Teri Kelly, courtesy of Moviehouse Cinemas, NI. You can check them out here:

We'll also be doing some stuff involving the guys (thanks Mal and John) from Forbidden Planet, Belfast. You can find them here:!/ForbiddenPlanetIntBelfast?ref=ts

We're getting behind this now and will be giving away free tickets! Keep listening to The Marc & Owen Show, promoting great choons:

The page for information on Invasion III can be found here:

Other websites we recommendEdit - For the latest movie, comics and dvd news - Essential for Star Wars fans - Official site for the forcecast podcast. Essential, funny, informative and cool for Star Wars and Billy Dee fans - THE movie encyclopedia - THE Star Wars online encyclopedia. Literally everything you ever wanted to know is in here - A great movie news and reviews page. - Check out Ruth's great youtube page here... fresh and fun. It's nice to see someone remembers how to have fun.

Recent ActivityEdit

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